Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited



Post :Assistant Executive Engineer(civil ,electrical ,Electronic,Environment,Instrumentation,Mechanical,Resevior)

Qualification:- Graduate Degree in Mechanical/Petroleum Engineering with minimum 60% marks.


Graduate Degree in Electronics/Telecom/E&T Engineering with minimum 60% marks OR Post Graduate Degree in Physics with Electronics with minimum 60% marks.


Engineering Graduate in Environment Engg/Environment Science with minimum 60% marks or Graduate in Engineering discipline with M.Tech ./ME in Environment Engineering/Environment Science with minimum 60% marks


Post Graduate Degree in Geology/Chemistry/Geophysics/ Mathematics/Physics/Petroleum Technology with minimum 60% marks (Must have Mathematics/Physics at B.Sc. level) OR Graduate degree in Chemical/Petroleum/Applied Petroleum Engineering with minimum 60% marks.

Application fee:-Rs.500/- for general and OBC and Rs.100/- for SC/ST/PWD candidates at any branch of State Bank of India through challan in ONGC Power Jyoti A/C number 30827318409 of SBI, Tel Bhavan, Dehradun.


tarting Date of Online Applications:- 22nd March 2014.
Last of Online Applications:- 11th April 2014.

Editing Online Application:- 15th April 2014

All India Written Test (Tentative):- 22nd June 2014

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